Monday, July 03, 2006

How to install New Skype Beta for Ubuntu Dapper

Skype has released their New Beta for Linux !

Version, ALSA or OSS support, no Video conferencing yet.

Why upgrade? It fixed my "problem with sound device" error that version had, seems more stable.

How to install.

If you have Skype go to the command line and remove it ! (Don't worry, your contacts will not be deleted)

sudo apt-get remove skype

Download the new debian package from this link

Find the package by browsing to it from your "home folder" and right click on it, then select "Open with GDebi Package Installer"

Click Install, then enter your password

It should install under "internet / skype"

Or you could type this at the command line

skype &

All done !

Whats new in the new Skype see changelog